1. The Library is open to all who have valid BUFT ID card or Library membership card which must be shown at the entrance of reading room, if required. Who does not possess any of these not allowed to receive any library facilities.

2. Silence is strictly maintained as self study zone; users’ behavior should reflect this and they should respect the needs of others.

3. Mobile phones must be kept silent inside the library. Conversation in mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the library. Photography inside the library is not allowed.

4. Users are not allowed to block aisle and move furniture of the library such as Chairs, Tables, fans and so on.

5. Any kinds of foods and drinks are not permitted in the library.

6. Personal books, spiral bindings, envelop any kind of files, file covers, bags are not allowed in the library. Library users are advised to deposit their personal possessions like, books, files, bags, briefcases, umbrellas, overcoat, jackets, newspapers, helmets etc. to the pigeon-hole before entering the Library. Valuables like laptop, cash, camera, wrist-watch, cell phone, jewelry etc. are not allowed to deposit in the facility. The University will not be responsible for valuables left with the facility in any way. The library has no accountability in case of damage or theft of personal belongings left unattended inside/ outside the library.

7. Library users are expected to follow BUFT Code of Conduct. Any misconduct, interference with study environment, damage to any property will lead to expulsion from the Library/ Library membership and shall compensate the University for any damage caused.

8. Exercise note, pens, pencil, rubber, geometric box, calculator, laptop, loose pages etc. are allowed in the library.

9. Please keep books on the table after studying, do not reshelve.